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Help for the Haunted PDF Print E-mail
Our primary function is to help those in need understand what is happening to them. Almost everyone reacts different to paranormal events, and all events are unique, so giving usable canned advice is next to impossible.

Most of our investigators became interested in the field through seeking explanations for their own very personal experiences. We understand the mixed emotions and general apprehension of relating your story to another person.
haunted apparition

The best advice for you should be given after hearing the details of your encounter. Generally, there is no reason to be scared. Situations where a person is harmed are extremely rare, and usually only occur during a provoking episode. Most haunting activity, although unnerving, is not dangerous in the least.

There is some advice that is always good. Never, under any circumstances, use any sort of scribing. Scribing includes the use of the Ouija board, pendulems, automatic writing, or any channeling device. The use of such items can increase activity, and can also turn benign events into a potentially dangerous situation.

If you need help, please use our contact form to send us your information, and a brief summary of your situation. Please remember to include contact information!